Mar. 4th, 2012

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Amory Felix

7; Bubbles Abound
Amory's bubble will take up an entire street-width. Maybe that is an overestimation, but it will be exceptionally large, large enough that he likely can't go to work.


20; The Worst Of Me

He's not one to give many fucks about being an inconsiderate asshole, but this curse would be a fun excuse to make him as straightforward as he can be! A day for clearing away his usual lies and subterfuge?

31-1; Grab Bag Weekend
No plans as of now! Hit me?

17; Somewhere Over the Rainbow
I'll do this one if I can figure out the best way to translate his intangible wants into a physical (or at least mentally physical?!) pursuit. I want to live or I want to be free from Fate (Fate in his canon, not the dictionary meaning of fate!) are kind of stupid and don't translate well. Maybe his childhood want-- "I want to be an astronaut and g into space?" might lead to funny circumstances idk. STILL TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT.

Olivia Dunham

11; This One Goes Out To

Because the Fringe OST is amazing and every single second of Olivia Dunham's life is fucking dramatic. Also, the opening theme is too short to play on loop.

28; Danbury You Auto Correct!
Because one of my characters had to do it.

31-1; Grab Bag Weekend

Memory theater, definitely. I'm still undecided on what clips I want to show. At least one that gives insight into the everyday freakshow that is her job, another where she's captured in Walternate's lab facility, aaaand...... something else. Maybe William Bell in her body telling Peter that certain events happen for reasons that transcends coincidence? I'll have to make sure the clips aren't too terrifying / disgusting, though.


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